How to start learning kanji and/or hanzi using Heisig’s method ~ Traducciones Inglesk

Heisig’s method focuses only on you learning the writing and rough meaning of each character. While it may seem that not working on the Japanese/Chinese readings renders Heisig’s method incomplete or even useless to some people, the method focuses exclusively on the recognition and writing of the kanji/hanzi for a very specific and important reason.

In a nutshell, through Heisig’s method you gain the same advantage that a Chinese person would have for learning Japanese from scratch, or viceversa:

People from China/Japan are already familiar with most kanji/hanzi characters, and relate each one of them to a certain concept in their own language.

Thus, already knowing how each kanji/hanzi looks like, and what they mean, they only need to learn how to read them in the other language they want to learn.