JUnit’s evolving structure

JUnit’s evolving structure. Edmund Kirwan traces JUnit’s increasing code interdependencies. From early simplicity:

To increasing tangles:

I am thinking a lot about code architecture right now and trying to learn best practices for building structures that can scale over time. This is a huge topic that a lot of smart people have strong feelings about– when I read about it I often come upon vast areas I didn’t even know existed and it is easy to suddenly feel small and anxious, like people will judge me for not knowing how to do all of it. So I am appreciating this critique as much for the critical analysis as for the obvious love and admiration the writer has for the JUnit developers. I don’t know enough yet to evaluate the actual critiques, even!


Programmers should be forced to wear their systems’ package-structures on their tee-shirts.

Practice radial encapsulation.

JUnit is a masterpiece.

Composable Features

Composable Features. I always count it as a good sign when a discussion of computer programming ends up being a discussion about feelings and relationships. Always a factor.

Why Would You Be Uncomfortable with This

Agile in general is not comfortable, and working in this way builds on that. This discomfort shows itself as

  1. the need to plan what will happen, rather than reacting to what is happening.
  2. the need to specify how things will be done, rather than provide feedback on how things are being done
  3. the need to micro manage rather than delegate responsibility
  4. the inability to trust

Fabian Romero • falling apart: a strategy in self care and activism

falling apart: a strategy in self care and activism, via Joanne.

my work being one of witnessing the hard feelings unfold, of creating a space of honest conversation where anyone of any gender can fall apart around me and i will listen, i will love, i will honor your survival and remind you that it is okay to let it out that you cannot hold all that pain inside.

as a masculine person of color i take this role seriously. often this role falls on the backs of women, of femmes and that is playing into patriarchy.