The Wall is the Wall: Why Fortresses Fail

Building a border wall may seem simplistic, or a failure to address the real adversary, but the concept of a grand defensive wall isn’t just ancient, it’s still central to the way we do all kinds security. The problem may be less with the wall itself, for what it is, and more with the fact that we keep depending too much on fortification and, by doing so, centralizing risks.

Why I Pray · The Walrus

The first, most central, reality is that prayer is far more about changing oneself than about about pressuring God into action. Because of its intimate nature, we’re at our most honest in prayer, assuming in a great thrust of trust that we can say and admit anything—odd in that we only pray if we believe God can hear, yet we seem to not mind, not be embarrassed, by what is heard. While we do make requests, we more often confess to what we really are, who we really are. That’s an incredibly difficult and challenging exercise, and something rarely attempted in modern, secular society.