Rape Isn’t Personal in the Film Beauty and the Dogs—It’s a Public Problem – Film/TV – The Stranger


And why should she have to endure it alone? Rape is the product of societal attitudes toward women and their worth. Everyone wants her to keep it private, but her effort to register the rape is precisely to make it a matter of public record. If it is public, then everyone has to deal with it. The individual, the hero of American freedoms and democracy, is, in this brilliant work, forced to be an enemy of the state.

The Missionary Position

The unforgiveable crime of the post-axial religions is to encourage the conflation of authority and benevolence, of hierarchy and justice. When the pious bow down before the powerful or, in our own time, the megachurches celebrate wealth and its owners, the “good” God is just doing his job of what Habermas called “legitimation.”

Source: The Missionary Position