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“Even a tiny charcoal scratching done as a gesture to mark a person’s response to this epidemic means whole worlds to me if it is hung in public,” Wojnarowicz wrote. “Each and every gesture carries a reverberation that is meaningful in its diversity.”

Source: Learning how to live and die with long COVID – High Country News

How to Teach Art to Kids, According to Mark Rothko


Lesson #1: Show your students that art is a universal form of expression, as elemental as speaking or singing

Lesson #2: Beware of suppressing a child’s creativity with academic training

Lesson #3: Stage exhibitions of your students’ works to encourage their self-confidence

Lesson #4: Introduce art history with modern art (not the Old Masters)

Lesson #5: Work to cultivate creative thinkers, not professional artists

Paul Nagy interviews Enrique Enriquez (pdf)

Paul Nagy interviews Enrique Enriquez (pdf)

Most contemporary art consists on understanding the poetry of objects. An object charged with associations, placed next to another object charged with its own associations, would elicit meaning just as words do….
That is what attracted me about the tarot in the first place. The visual language in the cards reveals… poetic images we read. We see how those streams of water being poured by the woman in The Star resemble the two dogs in The Moon, and we read: “Water runs like wild dogs.” If instead of the moon we have The Sun next to The Star, we read “Water wells up like the embrace of twins.” We find a suggestive image and we let it work on us. It takes the mind of a poet to decode it.