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Celebrity serial killers are more than the sum of their crimes; invariably, they represent their particular cultural moment. Much as Jack the Ripper became the avatar for the class anxieties of  19th-century Victorian civilization, Jeffrey Dahmer was 20th century capitalism’s smirking emblem, a monster who played the system. And yet, Dahmer now seems like a throwback to a slower era, a time when serial killers hunted their victims personally. His victim list of 17, while horrific, is currently matched within minutes by guns wielded at American schools, movie theaters, and workplaces.

Source: Serial Killers: A New Breed of Celebrity | CrimeReads

Scale, automation, and unregulated technology?

Do We Even Need Men? | Literary Hub

Kraemerlooks at how male disadvantage iswiredin” from infancy and persists to the grave, buthe suggests that we shouldn’t necessarilyconclude that maleness is a genetic disorder.Instead, he argues, we should show more curiosity about the reasons for boys and menbeing so vulnerable, and should pay moreattention to redressing this in child-rearing and in medicine. Although Kraemer does not mention this, it is also reasonable to speculate that patriarchal societies are, ironically,men’s way of trying to assert their own needs in the face of their patent inferiority.

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Bicycle Urbanism by Design – Next City

The last great obstacle for those wanting to secure streetspace for cars were the angry mothers of America who saw their children killed or maimed by cars in the streets. Enter: the playground. That little zoological garden into which we still place our kids was an invention of the automobile industry as a way to appease mothers and get the little rascals out of the way.

Have they always been displacegrounds??